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Email 1
Subject: Is hypnosis safe to make me thin quickly?

First question people have about the hypnosis is whether hypnosis is safe or not.

Here is assurance about its safety:

  • The American Psychiatric and American Medical Associations allowed hypnotherapy to be done by responsible professionals.
  • In 1958, the British Medical Association assumed hypnosis a viable technique in therapies.

Hypnosis had a successful history due to its successful usage by clinical professionals who used hypnosis for

  • reduction of anxiety or pain
  • various phobias and fears
  • morbid obesity or anorexia
  • smoking or bad habits / behaviors

A good example of responsible professional is Steve G.Jones who is in demand. He was a host in great number of popular televisions such as Fox News, CBS, and NBC etc. He is expert in hypnosis concerning weight loss but also possess numbers of appropriate credentials.

Therefore if you are considering weight loss through hypnosis, you should also consider “WeightNosis Audio Program” created by Steve as your top option.

Email 2
Subject: You can lose weight like Hollywood celebrities

Previous mail informed you about the hypnosis, its benefits and associations as BMA, APA, AMA which approved hypnotherapy for responsible professionals.

The most asked question about hypnotherapy is as follows: “Fine, Hypnosis is safe – BUT what should I expect? What will happen to me?”

My description of hypnosis is: It is a state of your mind which acquires focused attention however a different one from that everyday attention.

Hypnosis is an opportunity to talk with yourself and get deeper access to yourself and deeper coves of your mind. Therapist is a mediator who can help you to mediate the access into yourself. That’s why many top celebrities are using hypnosis to change their diet and exercise habits.

Most important thing to find out is whether the therapist is stated-licensed professional with certification allowing him to provide hypnosis together with other trainings in psychology, psychiatry etc.

However, sometimes it is difficult and almost impossible to find professional such high quality, and that is why WeightNosis Audio Program is officially created.

Email 3
Subject: Can I be hypnotized and become thin?

Topic of a day: My will is very strong so is it possible to hypnotize me anywise? Is it true that some people cannot be hypnotized?

There are researchers which believe that there are levels of hypnotizability, therefore that some people can be hypnotized easier than others or contrariwise. Research showed that there exist about 5-10% of people who cannot be hypnotized.

Our hypnosis programs show that: Yes, there are a small number of people who are resistant to hypnosis but not due to their strong will or whatever.

There exist an easy way how to find out whether you are a good candidate for hypnosis or not. Try to remember the situation when you were so deeply thoughtful that the outer world stopped to exists for you.

Situations like: reading the book or thinking about work responsibilities. If you are able to remember such situation, the hypnosis might take place.

There is a need to mention another often question: “Is it possible to use hypnosis audio program during driving for making a better use of time?”

Definitely NOT. Hypnosis changes your awareness from everyday awareness to unconsciously focused one and driving requires your full consciousness. Hypnosis audio program is highly recommended to be listened only at night before sleeping.

Email 4
Subject: Can I count on effectiveness of hypnosis audio program?

“Can I count on effectiveness of hypnosis audio program?”

Yes, however not every issue is appropriate for audio program. Selection of issues for our hypnosis audio program is made carefully to prevent uselessness and bring satisfaction.

There is over a 90% chance to succeed in a case of weight loss when using hypnosis. Moreover, research shows that weight loss is doubled in comparison with people who did not use hypnosis.

Videlicet, if something you are doing works for example: listening audio program, you keep listening this audio program, then you are able to improve your behavior and move closer toward your aim.

During the recording of WeightNosis Audio Program, Steve G.Jones added a wide range of different issues for better coverage of customer´s needs. It means that later on when you come back to already heard session; you realize that despite the fact that it did not help you in the past; nowadays it is exactly what you need.

If you are serious about losing weight and be attractive, you must be interested with 60 Day Risk-Free Guarantee “WeightNosis Audio Program” which is proudly created by Steve.