Weight Loss with Self Hypnosis: Reprogram Your Habits with Weightnosis

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Dr. Steve G. Jones

Created by Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D.
Clinical Hypnotherapist

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“Through hypnosis for weight loss, I was able to achieve my fitness goals in a way that did not seem to dramatically alter my lifestyle. It did not change who I was, but simply brought out the “better me” that I had such a difficult time searching on my own.”

Samantha White
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There’s little as frustrating as working really hard to lose those 10 pounds, only to gain them back again within a month. Seriously, what gives?

Today, you will learn something important about weight loss that no one wants to tell you because then they can’t sell you all the other tricks and gimmicks that make it sound easy and instantaneous.

Diets, exercise equipment, the latest workout programs…none of these weight loss solutions are enough to overcome the root cause of your weight challenges – your subconscious.

How many times a day do you go to the fridge without even realizing it? And how often do you find a reason to avoid a workout?

The truth is, your unconscious mind is a bundle of habits that are the result of repeated behaviour. This means you’re stuck in a certain way of thinking and acting.

You are currently fighting against years of doing the same thing, again and again. And simply deciding to turn over a new leaf just isn’t going to be enough.

Can You Lose Weight with Hypnosis?

In short, yes.

Hypnosis for weight loss is a strategy for targeting your subconscious and resetting the habits that have been holding you back from living your best life.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll instantaneously overcome all the habits that undermine your efforts – like anything worth doing, weight loss hypnosis takes time and patience for these hypnotherapy sessions to do their work.

And all it requires of you is listening to the recordings as recommended.

Studies have shown that hypnotherapy for weight loss enables greater self-control, with reduced body mass. That’s because it effectively targets many of the beliefs and emotions that underpin the behaviour that leads to weight gain.

For example, clinical counsellors and hypnotherapists discuss how hypnotherapy helps patients resolve subconscious conflicts that give rise to emotional eating. It can also correct harmful beliefs that drive people to eat unhealthily.

It seems self-evident that as long as your beliefs and emotions go unchanged, so will the outcome of every diet and exercise routine you try, because your habits will keep on sabotaging any changes you might want to make.

Simply reflect on your own journey and you’ll see that this is true, which means your only path to success rests with reprograming your habits.

Now is the time to further your weight loss with hypnosis.

With a one-time payment of $14.95, you get lifetime access to proven weight loss hypnosis audio program!

Meet Dr. Steve G. Jones…

And Discover The Power Of Weightnosis

As a clinical hypnotherapist with over 20 years experience – and more than 22 self-authored books on the subject – Dr. Steve G. Jones is a world-renowned hypnotherapist who has worked with people from all walks of life.

Since his early days counselling families and individuals at the Northwest Church of Christ in Gainesville, Florida, Dr. Steve G. Jones has cared deeply about improving the lives of those around him.

His extensive studies in psychology and, more specifically, the uses of hypnotherapy, led him towards becoming one of the leading experts in the field, with a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Florida (1994), a master’s degree in education from Armstrong Atlantic State University (2007), a specialist degree in education (2009), and a doctorate in education (2013) from Georgia Southern University (a Carnegie Doctoral Research University).

Beyond his qualifications, Dr. Steve G. Jones also furthers the continued study and development of hypnotherapy as a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy and President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists.


“Dr. Steve G. Jones charges $25,000 for two hour sessions with top executives, actors, directors and producers.”

“famed hypnotist”

Dr. Steve G. Jones’s extensive work with both individuals and corporates has given him the opportunity to help people who want to overcome their destructive habits, including weight loss, smoking, anxiety, phobias, road rage, nail-biting, anger management, general wellness, and much more.

Rest assured – Dr. Steve G. Jones has seen it all and has empowered countless people by helping them to reprogram their habits.

With his hypnotherapy audio program – Weightnosis, you can start changing your habits today for enhanced weight loss.

What is Weightnosis?

Dr. Steve G. Jones has spent years preparing this tried-and-tested weight loss self-hypnosis audio program, specifically designed to reset your subconscious mind simply by listening to the recordings under the prescribed conditions.

weight loss hypnosis

Weightnosis is an at-home audio hypnosis system that will retrain your subconscious. By the end of the program, your mind will be cleansed of destructive and counterproductive beliefs and emotions and, in their place, you’ll find a positive and encouraging mindset that will drive you to succeed.

Rather than fighting against your subconscious with the use of diets and fitness routines, you’ll be recruiting your unconscious mind and persuading it to support your weight loss efforts.

This means you won’t experience the frustration of gaining weight almost as soon as you’ve lost it or fruitlessly attempting a new workout fad that you fail to maintain.

This time around, it is different because you are going right to the source of the problem! And once you have retrained your mind, little by little, you’ll start seeing real results.

Instead of coming up with excuses to miss a workout, you’ll have the willpower to make yourself go. Instead of going to the kitchen every time you feel anxious, you’ll go for a walk. Instead of reaching for cake as soon as you have a sugar craving, you’ll eat a piece of fruit.

Slowly but surely, your destructive habits will subside, and you’ll finally be able to live the life you’ve always wanted.

Weightnosis is a refreshing audio program that stimulates weight loss with hypnosis, making you feel calm and relaxed as you listen to the recordings.

All you have to do is find a quiet setting at night where you won’t be disturbed, and where you feel safe so that you can listen to the recordings in peace.

We recommend lying on your bed because you could fall asleep which is perfectly okay since your subconscious will still absorb the recording.

You can use the sound system of your choice, be it a computer, headphones, or stereo – whatever makes you comfortable.

Listen to a sample of Weightnosis audio program:

With a one-time payment of $14.95, you get lifetime access to Weightnosis!

How Weightnosis Works?

Weightnosis is made up of five hypnotherapy sessions that are 45 minutes each.

All you have to do is listen to a single recording once a day, in sequence, for 21 consecutive days.

The five different recordings include:

Day 1: Self-Belief Redesign
Day 2: Habits Quick-Switch
Day 3: Diet Plan Transformer
Day 4: Exercise Motivator
Day 5: Slim-Forever Maintenance

And repeat the next day…and the next…

These therapy sessions will give you space in the day to become calm and centered, without the chaos of life intruding. This gives you a chance to be quiet and peaceful, gradually changing your habits and enhancing your overall wellbeing.

By the end of the 21 days, your subconscious will finally be aligned with your free will, giving you the agency to achieve anything you set your mind to – including weight loss.

All the sessions have been scripted to help you reset the beliefs and emotions that undermine your ability to lose weight.

Rest assured, these recordings are tailor-made for the express purpose of weight loss, and with Dr. Steve G. Jones’s extensive experience, you will receive therapy of the highest quality.

The key elements of each session include induction, deepening, script or therapy, amnesia, and trance termination. Each phase services a specific purpose:

  • Induction – This is the initial phase that gets you relaxed enough to close your eyes and start drifting.
  • Deepening – This phase puts you into a deeper state of relaxation and gets you into a trance.
  • Script/ Therapy – Now you are fully susceptible to therapy which is when the script will be communicated to you. This subtly reprograms your subconscious.
  • Amnesia – This phase focuses on getting you to forget the therapy session so that your conscious mind can’t over-analyze and undermine the work that has been done.
  • Trance Termination – This phase brings the session to a close.

As you can see, every part of this five-session audio program is expertly designed to achieve specific results that all come together to ultimately further your weight loss goals.

With hypnotherapy for weight loss, you will finally be able to keep the weight off – naturally!

With a one-time payment of $14.95, you get lifetime access to Weightnosis!

Other Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

While your primary goal for engaging in hypnotherapy may be weight loss, there are a number of additional benefits that you might also enjoy. These include:

Improved Sleep

Since hypnosis for weight loss puts you in an intense state of relaxation where you are more susceptible to having your beliefs changed, it also promotes the kind of state that improves the quality of your sleep.

You can even learn specific self-hypnosis techniques that you can use when your only goal is to enhance your rest.

Reduced Symptoms For IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a condition that causes abdominal pain, and hypnosis has been shown to target the symptoms that accompany it, including diarrhea and constipation.

This hypnotherapy audio program induces a state of relaxation that also eases your IBS symptoms.

Less Anxiety

More and more people are starting to suffer from a range of anxiety conditions, and this audio program for weight loss could help you manage your anxiety more effectively.

Since hypnotherapy enables you to relax based on certain verbal cues, you can learn to induce this state of relaxation whenever your anxiety is too extreme.

Managing Chronic Pain

If you have just had a serious surgery or struggle with chronic pain in the form of migraines or fibromyalgia, hypnotherapy can assist you in managing the intensity of this pain.

By putting your body in a relaxed state, the pain you experience will be less intense, and this ability to enhance relaxation can reduce suffering in the long term.

Stop Smoking

Since your subconscious is more malleable during hypnosis, you can strengthen your self-control, and this ability extends to having the willpower to quit smoking.

Now you can work on controlling your cigarette intake in the same way you will work towards controlling your food intake.

With all these other health benefits, you can expect a general increase in energy and wellbeing that will give you a new lease on life.

Better yet, with a one-time payment of $14.95, you get lifetime access to this weight loss self-hypnosis audio program!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get All The Answers You Need!

Put your mind at ease by getting the answers you’re looking for. We keep our information updated and aligned with the latest findings regarding the science of hypnotherapy.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Absolutely! Reaching a hypnotic trance is actually so easy that most of us do it several times a day without realizing it. Whenever you are completely involved in some activity, like reading a book, playing a musical instrument, or watching a sports game, you enter a trance-like state of extreme relaxation that is exactly like the state you achieve during hypnotherapy for weight loss. It is essentially the state between being conscious and unconscious where you are up to 200 times more susceptible to change.

What happens if I fall asleep during a hypnotherapy session?

It’s perfectly natural to fall asleep during a session and, if you do, your subconscious mind will still benefit from the entire session as if you hadn’t fallen asleep. This is because you can still hear the recording, so, don’t be concerned one way or the other. The only recommendation we make is that you listen to the recordings at night while you’re in a quiet, safe place, away from any distraction that could disturb you.

Can someone be too intelligent to be susceptible to hypnosis?

No. In fact, evidence suggests that the more intelligent you are, the more open you are to suggestions. This means you are easier to hypnotize. Geniuses are naturally close to being in an Alpha state most of the time – the state you enter when you are in a hypnotic trance.

Who created the Weightnosis Audio Program?

Dr. Steve G. Jones created the entire program himself.

How should I use the Weightnosis Audio Program?

We strongly recommend that you listen to the recordings at night, while you lie in your bed. Hypnosis encourages relaxation so deep, it’s likely you’ll fall asleep – which will be more comfortable when you’re in bed. Remember; even if you fall asleep, your subconscious will absorb the information. However, if you decide to listen to the recordings during the day, you should set an alarm to wake yourself up when necessary.

The program is featured in MP3 format, and you can use your headphones, computer, or stereo to listen to them – whatever you prefer. There are five 45-minute hypnotherapy sessions, and you will need to listen to one every day for 21 consecutive days. Once you’ve worked through all five, simply start all over again.

Day 1: Self-Belief Redesign
Day 2: Habits Quick-Switch
Day 3: Diet Plan Transformer
Day 4: Exercise Motivator
Day 5: Slim-Forever Maintenance
Day 6: (Repeat) Self-Belief Redesign

Repeat the next day…and the next…and the next…

After 21 consecutive days, your subconscious and free will should be aligned so that you can effectively pursue your weight loss goals. Weightnosis will reprogram your destructive beliefs and emotions so that they don’t undermine your efforts to lead a healthier life.

Can I use the Weightnosis Audio Program alongside other weight loss programs?

Yes. You can either use the program on its own or supplement an existing weight loss program. This program is designed to fast-track your weight loss, whether you are following another routine or not.

Is Weightnosis for men and women?

Since the male and female subconscious work similarly when it comes to their responses to hypnotherapy, the program will be equally effective for men and women.

Do I need to take medication or spend money on further programs and activities when I purchase the Weightnosis audio program?


Start Shifting Destructive Habits that Keep You from Achieving Success

It’s as easy as listening to the Weightnosis audio program!



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Medically reviewed by Dr. Mudassir Shafiq, MBBS – Written by Terence Lim, on July 3, 2021

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